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We offer our distribution brands exclusively in Germany & Europe. 100% knowhow in the sports area!


drinking bottles with highest quality and production standards.

Made in The Netherlands. Drinking bottles with an individual logo.

PERFACTS is exclusive Distributeur in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 2006!


compression article of the top class!

The tradionel R2v2 is the most used sleeve at Ironman Kona/

Hawaii and at Ultratrail Mont Blanc.

PERFACTS sells Compressport exclusively in Germany since 2015.



technology "action/Reaction" and a perfect "full foot recession"

supports the good run feeling!

As of 2019 with new appearance and new shoe models in Europe!

PERFACTS sells newton exclusively in Europe.


the brand is through and through "Swim"!

Products which still more let the experience "swim" enjoy are created here.

Perfection in the water!

PERFACTS sells blueseventy exclusively in Europe.

Brands from athletes for athletes / PERFACTS own brands www

We are always looking for distributors in Europe and worldwide!

If your are interested, please contact us.



Run&Move - sports accessories


b-lite - refelctive wear

 OLTEES - premium functional t-shirts


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