Textile printing, production and sports brands

PERFACTS! an owner (holder) run enterprise in the rurally beautiful Dorsten, on the edge of the Ruhr district.

Our roots lie in the sports market.

Since the foundation in the year 1998 we have developed continuously, we proceed internationally and have long-standing, grown and good business relations meanwhile. This success story isn't at the end yet - we look forward to you!

Your advantage:

PERFACTS! offers you a competent advice, a great accumulated experience and a fast and reliable delivery for over 20 years.

We produce only under social and ecological guidelines!

The product doesn't come back, but the customer!

Our highlight articles:

  • Textile printing and embroidering on T-shirts, polo shirts, caps, jackets
  • textiles with own CI designs
  • sports accessories (drinking belts, Pockets, reflection article...)
  • Bags and rucksacks, gymbags
  • drinking and sports bottles

Promotion catalog 2020/2021 PERFACTS!

in the promotion catalog are much varietys of textiles and accessories

on 400 pages. All products can be improved by our printery/

embroidery. The perfect product in the CI of one's own!

Advice and layouts

We take on not only the production but also help on the graphic presentations. Llean back! -  wait only for the ready product!

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Gahlener Strasse 250

D-46282 Dorsten

Tel.: +49 (0) 2362 / 7854 100

Fax: +49 (0) 2362 / 7854 110

E-Mail: info(at)perfacts.de

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